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Holographic theory of existence, School Essay

Review of the Holographic theory of existence and its potential use in Psychology and Psychiatric healthcare

By: Aki Greus
Helsinki Open University, Development Psychology
19th November 2007


In this essay I will attempt to take you, the reader, on a journey to a world of a different kind, the holographic world. Where our actions are not simply caused by linear cause and effect, and to quote Morpheus from matrix trilogy or Plato’s allegory of the cave, I can only show you the way, you have to be the one to walk through it. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Holographic theory of existence is rooted mostly on physics and overturning of theory relativity and emergence to the field of multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary theories on existence. Most understanding of life and physical existence and by extension psychology are founded in the old physical model of matter gives rise to mind which has, in various theories been overturned. This essay is an overview of the theories proposed by various well known scientists such as Barbara Ann Brennan and how they can be studied and if found to be true their effect on the human condition and human existence.

To understand the holographic theory of existence the reader needs to have at least a basic grasp of physics, preferably considerably more. In this essay I will also study the physics examples presented as in depth as my limited physics studies will allow. Most people at large in the world live in the physics models that have long since been proven to be inaccurate but still work for the basic existence and lack of understanding about physics doesn’t affect their lives. However this lack of understanding causes problems when new theories emerge as criticism of them is often founded in old, disproved or simply faulty understandings of the world. This is a problem most new science has had to deal with for more than a millennia and I see little incentive for it to stop anytime soon. As such I see that the holographic theory will face a great deal of resistance from various other theories, but hopefully the reader will be able to glimpse at the possibility that the holographic theory of existence is correct and consider the possibilities and implications for if it is.

The Science

There has been a debate between those who support the mechanistic world view, perhaps in recent times best represented by Albert Einstein’s famous uttering, “God does not play dice”. And those that support the consciousness based model on the world perhaps best represented as Nils Bohr’s reply to Einstein, “Einstein, stop telling God what to do”. This fundamental debate has, in many forms been going on for centuries. Is the world predetermined independent of our existence where simple cause and effect can determine what happens until the end of the universe? Or is it, as Bohr suggested far more complex than that. For you see dear reader, this has huge implications for the world around us for if the world is predetermined then all disease is also predetermined and through that all our actions become irrelevant as we are simply the actions and reactions on a subatomic world to a chain of events set off during the big bang. However, the model proposed in the holographic theory proposes that the past-present-future division as well as cause and effect are both right only in the crudest of examples and do not apply in any way to the more basic level. Were Einstein to hear some of the more recent studies and results in physics he would undoubtedly spin in his grave.

One of the famous quantum physics experiments called double slit experiment has demonstrated that not only do physical particles react in unpredictable ways to the presence of an observe in the reaction but it also varies between physical matter and energy simply because it is being observed. There are still, half a century later different interpretations of the results and metaphysical as well as psychological implications of the find. I will not go to them in any great length other than in how they affect the holographic theory as it would take more space than I can spare to truly do them justice. In the holographic theory it is generally frowned upon to think of the wave/particle duality as mind/matter or energy/physical but since electrons and even atomic nuclei have, under sufficient stress exhibited strong signs of being simply energy in a specifically organized manner instead of matter as is sometimes commonly thought. As there are various experiments where it can be proven that electrons born together are paired together in a manner where they transmit information across vast distances faster than the speed of light. At the present moment that I am aware of the fastest measured rate of information transfer is 300 times the speed of light at which point our measuring devices reach their limit. There are only so many possible explanations for this, either in some form information truly travels in a measurable linear way between the 2 electrons faster than we can yet measure, in some form the problem would be similar trying to measure the speed of light in the 18th century. The competing theories to this are focused mainly on two categories. One proposes that the electrons communicate information through some higher presently theoretical dimension where time/space acts differently than on our own. There is also the theory that what we perceive as effects following each other might not really be the case on the micro level of cosmos. That in reality there is no transfer of information between 2 different particles but that there is only one particle and that single particle is transferring no information as any effect on one particle is an effect on every particle. Similar to saying that if I whisper something in your ear and you whisper it to the next person that your ears are transferring the information to your mouth and repeating to the next person while in reality there is no distinct ear/mouth separation in the level of neurobiology in the sense that a distinct entity called ear transfers information to another distinct entity called mouth. In reality the two perceived events or entities are one entity.

On a more practical physics level it is possible to observe in the brain areas responsible for motion light up before areas responsible for the decision to move light up. Or in essence, when you sit still in a chair and decide to lift your hand to grab a coffee cup to take a sip, the areas of your brain responsible for communicating that order to the spinal column and from there to the hand start acting fractions of a second before what can be termed the desire to drink from the cup appears in the brain. This has absolutely baffled some brain researches as it would indicate that the universe is entirely predetermined that my body prepares for actions my mind has yet to decide to do. Even if it is only for a fraction of a second that fraction of a second is also where the human mind lives, in the decision to do or not to do something. However, if we instead look upon this past/present/future and cause/effect duality from the standpoint of the various experiments which prove that electrons as well as other particles can in reality transfer information not only instantly but also backwards in time it begins to make more sense. It gives birth to the possibility that yes the mind decides what to do, process the order and then somehow transmits that order a microsecond back in time so the body can act at the time when the decision was first made. This of course raises objections as there is definitely an easily observable reaction period between seeing an stimulus and being able to interpret that stimulus and to act upon it, easily observable by even the simplest of experiments. This does not however preclude the existence of other forms of cognitive processes that go beyond our simple views on time.

It has been possible for a while now with sufficient iniquity and technology to push matter into being in more than one state at the same time. The understanding that there are states to normal matter where a grouping of atoms isn’t simply divided into group A that sits here and group B that sits there but that in reality it is group A that sits as an entire group on points from 1-3000 at the same time. That the single blob or group of matter is in reality in superposition where it does in the real physical world exist in thousands of places at the same time. To quote Jeffrey Satinover M.D. “You got to really stop and think about what that means. That it’s the same object and that it’s in two places at once.” You really do have to stop and think about it, that it is not some cocky sci-fi or some alternative reality that exists in mathematics. It is the real physical world and science has already demonstrated with macro scale experiments that information travels backwards in time, matter can exist in more than one place at once, we are surrounded by fields of EM energy and various other forms of energy that we are only now starting to be able to perceive with technology. That the concept of aura and soul that can affect the physical world simply by its presence and existence is no longer relegated to the field of religion but it starting to slowly come to the very mainstream of understanding. Of course our understanding of the human energy field and the human expanded consciousness is limited by our ability to understand and our ability to research. Both are very dependant on our ability to accept that we might be wrong and someone else might be right. When our consciousness starts to lose elasticity and plasticity we become rigid and set in a single idea and we stop learning. Yet all that being said there is a single constant that has stayed with humanity for thousands of years, every time we’ve thought we knew everything about anything we’ve been wonderfully wrong and there have always been new avenues to research.

Holographic Psychology and World View

All of this relates to the holographic theory of existence and through that the holographic theory of psychology in very direct ways. The situation is somewhat similar to how autism was originally thought to be simply a cognitive problem when neurology later proved that the cause of autism is mostly neurological and only secondarily in the growing environment. It is in some sense human nature to try to fit everything we see to a box and cut away the pieces that do not fit. In essence to try to fit reality into a box that is not suited to contain it. Which is why most of modern medicine doesn’t have a holistic approach to illness, but instead modern medicine has the same problem as modern research. That we are only now starting to reach from one discipline to another, to only now start to create interdisciplinary approaches to the problems. If the simple act of observing a wave particle duality can cause matter to radically change its form from wave to a particle and back again one can only wonder what focused intent when utilized to oneself can accomplish. Perhaps the universe truly does consist of nothing more than stray thoughts that our minds grasp onto and form this coherent physical world. But for the time being that is nothing more than an interesting theory with some proof behind it. The holographic theory in essence gathers these different theories and formulates that the physical world is a construct of the mental/spiritual world not only in that how you view the physical world is affected by the spiritual world. But that the physical world is in a very real and tangible way a hologram projected from within to without. From the internal spirit to the external plate that then builds the world we see. The theory in itself does not posit that things such as magic and throwing fireballs ala: Harry Potter is readily possible. The holographic theory does however state that if there is in reality such a thing as two electrons bound together when they are created together is it not possible to say that we are all still connected to each other, that what you do to one you do to all? Perhaps with this understanding in science it slowly becomes possible to truly understand some of the sages and mystics of old who talked about everything being interconnected, the Father and Son being one makes an entirely different kind of sense when understood in the context of quantum physics.

Holographic psychology relates to the holographic theory of existence and the holographic view in that if one has disease then one also has a cause for that disease and instead of treating the disease itself, say for example treating schizophrenia as a disease that is separate of the personality we should treat it in the context of the personality. By viewing what potential reasons would the person have to create the disease and what they need to change in their life or their mind to remove the reason for that disease? There is no single simple answer to why a person falls ill, physically or psychologically as there is no single human model that can be applied to everybody. Even if we find that the brain of a schizophrenic patient has certain neurological damage it is not prudent or healthy to attribute simple cause and affect to something that can in theory be far outside the simple linear scope of time. It is, under the holographic theory of existence fully conceivable that the person has a deeper seated issue that is manifesting itself as schizophrenia. The theory is open to a wide range of misuse and abuse, the line of reasoning where the patient is unhealthy because they wish to be unhealthy is a very slippery slope. But in many respects it also places the responsibility for the situation where it belongs instead of pushing it onto the sidewalk. By encouraging the patient to view the world in the holographic context the patient not only realizes potential causes for the disease the patient also gains a greater strength to be healthy as they are no longer simply an outside observe in an illness. To use another more common approach, instead of viewing cold or the flu in the context of “I have this gosh darn flu and cant work” the holographic view encourages the patient to think “What have I done to open myself to having a cold that I could avoid, where have I stressed my immune system so much that this disease manifested itself?” The latter approach would encourage the patient to seek out potential reasons why they have the cold, ranging from being out of shape to working too hard, being too exhausted in public to simply not having a clean house and letting bacteria have a field day under the bed. Instead of placing blame for the disease on the doctor, going to the doctor to say: “I have this flu, give me something to make me better so I can work again” and by extension, making the doctor responsible for the patient’s health. Understanding the importance of the self as explained through simple cause and effect such as kissing a person who already has the disease to more complex almost metaphysical examples such as a child whose parents used drugs heavily and the child received brain damage as a result.

As the holographic model of reality points out that we are all connected the problems of the parents, in the previous example of drug use can manifest itself in health problems for the child. Similarly, the victim of psychopathic mental abuse can manifest problems that standard cognitive psychology would call psychosomatic, or imagines health problems. They can in reality be manifestations of the spiritual or emotional damage the psychopath caused for their victim. It is easily observable in the victims of psychopaths but it is also theoretically observable in the victims of modern society, and it also raises some questions about the nature of illness in its entirety. If the victims of psychopaths can manifest very real physical problems in reaction to their abuse is it not possible that normal healthy people who have common illnesses such as back pain or ankle pain can in a very wide number of cases be symptoms of mental or spiritual abuse in some form or another. Mostly this is thought about in the terms of external abuse, what abuse parents have done, loved once have done or just the random people on the street have done. But should it not also be viewed from the point of view of what the patient has done to themselves. What the patient has done to cause a dislocated joint or a bulge in their spine. What have they done physically, from lifting heavy boxes wrong or what are they trying to avoid facing up to. There are a great deal of old theories regarding the body and how the body can manifest the personality. How the body is the mirror of the soul is a different way of expressing the same basic idea.

Potential Practical Application

There are of course never direct models that can be applied to every single person on the planet but while we live in the hereditary and cultural context where certain body language and other small details are picked up unconsciously from the background culture we share a common cultural bubble. Observing the small changes in a wide variety of fields from clothing to physical stance and what parts of the body the person is tensing and what parts of the body the person is relaxing we can make potential interpretations of the underlying causes for disease. As has been observed in the case of certain cancers that they are indeed caused by viruses that affect cell mutations instead of directly by random mutation in the cells, viruses as anyone with fluency in biology knows are better able to enter the body when cells are unable to release and properly function due to being under constant stress. So tensing up a part of the body or inhibiting its natural function can significantly ease the entrance of viruses into the body and cause mutations that then develop into cancer. There are times when there is no direct observable cause and effect, linear or nonlinear and times like these even the holographic theory faces some problems. Sometimes finding the cause for the disease is counterproductive and would take such an extraordinary amount of effort that it is simpler to just cure it but such times are fairly rare and unless something changes from the conditions that originally brought about the illness then it will likely remanifest itself in the future.

Viewing the cognitive process as understood by the holographic theory specifically in the neurological area opens up new interpretations about the rewiring and elasticity in the human brain. As it is apparently possible for the human brain to rewire large parts of itself long into the adult life and according to more recent studies it is possible for the brain to rewire itself all the way until old age and death. It is possible that prolonged focus on certain brain patterns of victimization and pain can start to manifest itself even if we take out the possible spiritual explanations simply because repeated patterns of pain wire the brain to expect repeated input of pain. Or at the very least, repeated patterns of pain can lower the threshold for experiencing more pain. The peptides for pain, the neurochemical chains that trigger the onset of the emotion pain reserve receiver sites on the cells that could otherwise be used to maintain a healthy life for the cell. So is it not possible that by being subjected to emotional abuse our cells slowly changes from their normal function to an unhealthy function simply because of the emotional trauma and as such have more and more difficulty accepting other emotions. That prolonged external emotional abuse can rewire the brain and reprogram the cells of the body should come as no surprise as emotions are nothing more than neurochemical transmitters in the physical sense and like other transmitters they program the cell for certain actions. So it is not also completely possible that if prolonged external emotional abuse can cause this can not prolonged internal emotional abuse also cause this. Can prolonged internal emotional abuse or simply faulty emotional/cognitive patterns cause real physical problems instead of simply imagined, make-believe or hypochondria?

The holographic theory posits as I stated earlier that we are all connected through time and space simply by the laws of physics and all of us contain all there is to existence and in the largest sense that is very little to this thing called physical existence that is truly physical independent of the observer. I’ll leave the speculations of what the grand observer is that is apparently keeping this constructed fabric together to the theologians and philosophers. But I will point out that as it is apparently possible to influence this universe by the simple focused intent over even such a short time as hours then it is more than probable that we can also influence this world through focused intent that lasts for days, weeks and years. If our unconscious thought patterns are such that we keep repeating out victim mentality then we will be recreating the victimization in our lives over and over again. When our mindset is that of the savior mindset we will always look for those who need our help and those that fulfill our delusions of grandeur. Departing once again from the psychological field of self or communally induced mental disorders and going to the field of physical illness I feel compelled to point out that there is a well known physical illness that comes from being forced to potty train too early. When one is forced to learn to control muscles that the physical body has yet to master the only way to hold it in is to constrict different muscles which can, over a long period of time, lead to habitual constricting of those muscles and lower back problems. Although this is a rare diagnosis in modern medicine it is not unheard of and a textbook example of why a learned habit of constricting different muscles that no longer serves the person can turn into a problem. Another example of a similar condition is where children with sexual abuse histories have problems with bedwetting. While this has been explained away to some satisfaction with various neurological problems the underlying cause hasn’t been explained, the reason why sexual abuse causes that particular neurological problem instead of a wide variety of other neurological problems.

One potential interpretation of the holographic theory states that since the original trauma was related to sexuality then the later manifestations are also related to the same general area of the body for various reasons. One possible reason is that sexual abuse can render the person hesitant to mentally properly use the area which can render mental control over it weak. This particular interpretation of the holographic theory also has practical applications for psychological work with patients. If for example a victim of sexual abuse can slowly start to do bodywork and physically use the area of the body abused in a healthy way the healing process should speed up considerably. Instead of simply reliving the trauma in a controlled fashion and discussion it is possible to face the painful memories brought up by using the area of the body by slowly releasing the pain and related emotions by deep body therapy. By slowly releasing the bent up pressure and by reworking on atrophied muscles the neurological connections can be restructured as the mind has to relearn how to use the related area of the body and rewire the brain to longer simply associate the part of the body with internalized shame and pain.

Holistic view, Human Energy Field(HEF) and the Universal Energy Field(UEF)

While to really explain the precepts of the holographic theory even in its narrower confines of psychology would take more pages than I have time for, I can lay down the basic foundation of the holistic and holographic existence as described by Barbara Ann Brennan. In its simpler form as it is applied to individual psychology the holographic theory is used as a foundation to start constructing a holistic view, in other words, a view of the human condition that isn’t separated into individual units but instead views the human as a whole into itself and as a part of a larger whole. The driving principle is to not only understand why something happens to the patient in the narrower confines of that persons life but how one mans illness speaks of that mans world and the world we all live in. How the Holistic view would see a child suffering from HIV after he is born and what the holistic view would do with that vision. As understood by the holistic view the illness of the child is the joint result of the choices made by the parents and the existence of the child reflects the existence of the parents and on the larger scale the choices made by society at large. The holistic view is, in essence, the idea of looking at the whole instead of at the sum of its parts, whether it is in the case of an individual illness or of a community at large.

There are a wide variety of physics studies that have proven all matter to be interconnected and all matter to be in reality energy. What I have not discussed yet are the practical tests and applications to measure and affect the HEF. There was a study done in the 70’s relating to Kirlian photography where a person focusing on the pictures object before or during when the picture was taken could effect a noticeable change in the field. Kirlian photography differs from some of the other supposed forms of HEF photography in that it does not even suppose to picture what is commonly termed the human aura. It only pictures various subtle changes to the surface tension and EM field produced by the object when a picture is taken and these changes can be interpreted to be one of the possible forms of the human aura. I have myself done various tests with this technique and it is clearly provable and testable that when a person in a different room some meters away starts focusing loving thoughts at the test subject the EM field undergoes rapid changes even if the test subject has no knowledge of this process.

I’ll explain the tests I have performed in more detail and potential ways of repeating the tests, but as I am not an expert in the field of Kirlian photography I cannot guarantee that they will work for every pair of people and that the effect will always be as pronounced. The tests we carried out involved a Kirlian camera that takes a picture of each of the subjects fingers and one set of tests is done as the person focuses lovingly on themselves and another set is done while another person focuses lovingly on the person without any line of sight to the test subject and some distance away. The strength and cohesion of the field of the test subject rose by 15% when an outsider was focusing on them. While I admit this was in no way scientifically accurate it was not done to prove the working of the Kirlian photography only that my friend could influence me as supposedly it takes a certain level of emotional bonding for the influence to be possible. We have also since then taken half a dozen or so control pictures and they are with minor variances all at the control level before the emotional focus is present. There are some far more striking examples of the effect of focus, both positive and negative on Kirlian photography that are widely available should further research be desired. However, Kirlian photography is a good way to explore in a macro scale observable world the effects of thought and focus on such mundane things as leaves or grains of wheat.

There are also some studies by Masaru Emoto that claim the long term focus and directed intention towards water can have visible changes on the pattern generated by that water when it is frozen in a Petri dish. While the studies by Masaru Emoto are interesting, they are not scientifically valid as they are neither peer reviewed nor follow the guidelines set out for scientific experiments. The research field as a whole of effecting water by the same principle that we can effect the HEF and on a more micro scale we can effect the changes and patterns of light is interesting and definitely worth more studies. It is no longer impossible from the viewpoint of latest understanding of physics to influence things with simply the power of focused intent. It is still perhaps too difficult to influence and too difficult to observe such changes but that does not mean that they can not be explained in the context of science and no longer relegated to the fringes as pseudoscience.

The holistic view as such isn’t simply about understanding the human mind and the human psyche in its entire view of the society, it is a view that always seeks to understand the larger picture, how the small parts come together to form a greater whole. While the holographic theory of existence, the concept that energy/consciousness is what generates life and this life experiences the world through the physical body as a reflection of the energy present in the objects it comes across. Is by no means a new concept and even if true the effect it has on our understanding of life can be profound but still subtle.

When one takes the example of the French government office worker who was in essence missing his entire brain yet still managed to function from the standpoint of mechanistic physics, that the brain generates the mind then he should not have been able to function in any way how ever remote. However, when one takes it from a view of consciousness generates the mind then it suddenly becomes possible that the brain is not the machine that generates the thought and the experience, the brain only interprets the experience for the consciousness which is not stored in the physical brain. The French office worker suddenly isn’t missing most of his mind, simply the clarity that most of his mind would have offered him. In the example of the holographic plate once smashed each small piece contains the whole picture once reflected back out again. The office workers brain wasn’t missing any critical component of his consciousness as his consciousness isn’t stored in the brain it is simply reflect from the brain. This is why his IQ was roughly 70 when tested yet was still able to see and hear as well as anyone else. The brain does not store sense information in a specific part of the brain permanently, and like any good hologram, if you disable that part other parts of the brain will, if there is sufficient plasticity, leap to the challenge and assume the roles of that part. This has, in the view of the holographic theory, little to do with physical mind having some genetic desire to use a trait it can’t possibly know it just lost. It is a reflection of the holographic consciousness knowing what it needs.

There is some debate in science as to how exactly can a plant when it is growing from a single seed or a child that is growing from an single embryo know what it is growing into. How can every specific part of the cell know where it is meant to go, this has a wide variety of explanations from simple random mutations, chemicals, DNA, surroundings, soul, consciousness to some more creative interpretations. However as some exceptional Kirlian photography has already shown, if you cut away a part of a plant and take a picture of it, once every few hundred times of doing this you’ll see a faint EM field memory of where a part of the plant used to be. While this isn’t sufficient to explain such things as ghost limb pain it is however sufficient to spark a lively debate in scientific circles and should definitely be pursued. If it is even remotely possible that we could for the first time in human history use a reproducible scientific method to measure something as complex and intriguing as the soul or even if only the physical manifestation in the EM field of the human soul it should be pursued with the utmost diligence. It is not up to science to interpret what its studies mean, that should be left up to the poets and dreamers, it is however up to science to study the phenomena, and the provable verifiable reality is, in its simplicity this. We are for the first time in the history of mankind, approaching a time where we can observe and see the effects of focused intent on the objects around us even when no visible action is taken. Here I will take a second of artistic liberty and say, we are indeed approaching the time of the avatars, when all men are truly equal because we finally understand the old rules of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and all those who have ever perceived this universal energy field. “What you do onto these, my lesser brethren you do onto me”, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” “Karma” and what the Zen Buddhists in china called “Wu” the understanding that there is truly nothing concrete to life as it is all created by us, our shared dreams acting on the tapestry of the universal energy field. Perhaps it is time now, with the help of science to take a step forward in our understanding and see that there really is nothing but beauty in the world.

All the pieces and in closing

In closing I want to go through all the individual pieces of the holographic theory as put forward by Barbara Ann Brennan in her books and explain them in short.

1. Consciousness is the basic reality.
Our physical body acts as the interpreter or the filter for the consciousness which in reality is stored elsewhere and is only manifested through the physical body. The brain interprets the world through its holographic system and translates this information into a context we can understand. If we look at an object we perceive the energy of that object through the sense we are using at that time, the brain then converts this raw information into to the world we can perceive leaving out bits and pieces that we don’t actively focus on. As such the world we perceive is not the whole world and we only perceive a small part of it. Our senses only work for information we expect to perceive as our attention is focused on that particular form of information there is in essence a system of cognitive dissonance, we filter out information that we don’t need in our system. Consciousness in essence is what defines our reality and forms our reality, through our ability to effect matter based on our ability to view as explained by the previous examples. Our lack of focus on a certain aspect of our holographic existence an lead to the decrease and in some cases, disappearance of that aspect. Our consciousness is what is real and the physical world is created as a reaction to our internal landscape.

2. Everything is connected to everything else.
In the deeper levels of reality everything happens instantly and there is no spatial or time separating cause and effect. As proven by various electron observations the very basic blocks of our existence are all interconnected and react to one another immediately and as such are far beyond mechanistic world view proposed by Einstein’s theory of relativity.

3. Each piece contains the whole.
Observing the plate that is used in projecting a holographic image reveals that any piece of the whole plate still has all the basic information of the hologram only that it is fuzzier. So if one takes a holographic picture and then splits the plate in two and reflects the required light through one of the pieces what is missing is not the other half of the picture but half of the clarity of the original picture. So every piece of the original whole contains the essence of the original. Vice versa as explained in part 6 if shattered pieces of the original holographic plate are combined then the picture gets clearer with each step.

4. Time is also holographic.
As has been proven through the use of electron observations where the reaction can come vastly before the action that supposedly causes it the nature of time is also quite holographic. It can in fact be stated that time is by its very nature a construct and not a real phenomena. But on a more practical level this means that a decision made now can affect not only the future but also the past. It raises the question, is it possible to vastly alter events in the past by acting now? If it is too difficult to do this in the global level it can be possible to do it in an individual level.

5. Individuation and energy are basic to the universe.
Every single aspect in the universe is different from all the other aspects in the universe and no two things are ever alike. As proven by various experiments such as the double slit experiment particles that are thought of as solid are in fact energy and behave as such under the proper conditions before turning back into physical particles. If even the smallest pieces of what we consider indivisible matter is in reality composed of energy that can under the proper choice turn into a wave function then matter as such does not exist. And following that reasoning far enough neither do we exist in the purely physical sense. Reality suddenly changes from matter based as indivisible atoms, wholes that can not be anything but energy, to a view where everything indeed is energy and only by making a choice does that energy turn into matter. Only by making a choice how the wave function will work will that wave function transform itself into a particle.

6. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
As stated earlier the picture gets clearer and clearer the more of the picture is reintegrated instead and as such the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The fingers of 2 people in love when placed next to each other on a Kirlian photography plate merge and create a shared field bigger than the sum of its parts.

7. Consciousness creates reality and its own experiences of reality.
According to Karl Pribram’s model of the holographic brain, the brain processes data in a manner that it is used to and thus views reality in a manner that it is expecting to view reality. A person stuck on the victimhood state in their life will expect to be victimized and will act to bring forth that victimhood in his or her life. To truly help a victim of a narcissist it is necessary to bring forth the model of narcissism that the victim constantly craves for in their life. Why do some people keep repeating the same mistakes, the same situations in their life? This is a question that has to be answered from the consciousness based model of reality before any real healing can occur. Why alcoholics that are simply cured of their alcoholism without approaching the underlying cause of alcoholism, the desires to be alcoholics, is addressed and corrected will always revert back to their own patterns.

When all or even some of these are combined into an understanding of the human mind and the human condition entirely new and unthought-of ways to approach mental illness and in some cases even physical illness start to appear. And so we begin to approach the end of our journey into the human mind and the human consciousness. I can only do so much and say so much, if I sparked in the reader an interest for the holographic world view there are some books and movies I used as reference and would recommend as extra sources of information. I ask that even if these theories seem strange and unusual that you approach them with an open mind and a loving heart combined with a desire to seek information and to verify before you believe. It is good to have an open mind but not so open that once brain falls out. Remember how long it took for the geocentric model of understanding the cosmos to fall centuries or even millennia after it was proven to be incorrect. It was held up by people who laughed at those who had the courage to question.

I’d like to close this essay with a famous quote of Carl Gustav Jung and send you, the reader on your way with hopefully a new appreciation for the beauty of the universe.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Bibliography and Source References

I opted to not use source references for each individual claim and instead point to the overall sources I used. As both the reader’s digest and the two Barbara Ann Brennan books I used contain more than 25 sources each I felt it prudent to save space and not catalogue each individual source reference here but I will however post the source references most relevant to my work.
I didn’t use Wikipedia as a source for my information about the DSE but it is an adequate source for more information. I would recommend watching the movie “What the bleep do we know” for an interesting interpretation of the DSE and related concepts. As there are many varying interpretations of the experiment and its results. A wide range of scientific research is recommended.

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Both Books were used as sources for the holographic world view and both books contain numerous source references to other books and sources. Both books go to great lengths in discussing hands on healing and other alternative therapy methods but also delve deeply into psychology.

Lord Of The Wind Films, (2004) What the bleep do we know?
A shared movie project by 3 participants in Ramtha School of enlightenment. Even though the movie itself is somewhat questionable for its wild interpretation of physics and neurochemistry it opens up the table for interesting debate and studies. Version of the movie used as source was the extended “down the rabbit hole” edition. Talking heads in the movie include psychologists and psychiatrists all with verifiable credentials. I have personally talked with one of the Physicists, John Hagelin, Ph.D. Professor of Physics, Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management. Famous for developing Supersymmetric Flipped SU5 Grand Unified Field Theory. Even though my understanding of science behind the proposed unified field theory is at best extremely limited I had a short but interesting conversation with him about the nature of human existence.
Source for Jung quote.
Source for the Nils Bohr quote. There are various versions of the original quote floating around on and offline. This however is generally considered one of the more reliable ones.
With the same amount of salt as all the previous sources. The problem with Wikipedia when it comes to even remotely on the fringe technology and views on the world is that everybody who thinks they are an expert on the topic can change and edit anything at will. I can’t really quote specific sources as this is a field with extremely varied interpretations. I will however recommend a hand on study on the topic, if that is impossible or impractical google will provide some interesting web pages and articles with the simple search words Kirlian photography.

Reader’s digest, (1982) Into The Unknown The Reader’s Digest Association Inc., New york ISBN 951-9078-89-4
A book that is potentially no longer available made by readers digest in the 80’s where they cover a wide variety of potentially mysterious phenomena and try to have as balanced a view as possible.
Hengen ja tiedon messut is a Finnish meeting held in late summer/early autumn where a wide variety of different people can convene and discuss in great detail some views on life. It is also a great source for information on Kirlian photography as there are many people there with decades of experience with it.

Following sources were also used but lack ISBN codes
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